Pretrial Diversion

Program Overview

The Seward County Pretrial Diversion Program is a voluntary program for persons charged with criminal offenses in Seward County. Once eligibility has been determined and a referral from the Seward County Attorney’s Office has been made, the client will choose whether to go through the Pretrial Diversion Program or go to court where prosecution will proceed. If a client chooses to enroll in the Pretrial Diversion Program, the client will work alongside a Case Manager as they complete the requirements outlined in his/her Diversion Agreement. Many of these requirements are designed to improve the participant’s decision-making skills and decrease the likelihood that the client will continue to violate laws in the future.

Program Goals

  1. To provide a standard alternative procedure for handling adult/juvenile offenses in the county.
  2. To educate offenders about their choices and decision-making in a meaningful way.
  3. To help offenders make needed changes in behavior, thus avoiding further law violations.

Program Requirements

Each participant will have a specific Diversion Agreement with requirements relating to their offense and level of risk. As part of the Diversion Agreement, the participant will be required to:

  • Pay an enrollment fee and make monthly payments
  • Attend meetings with SCPD Staff
  • Attend educational classes
  • Perform community service

Other requirements may include but are not limited to:

  • Payment of court costs
  • Payment of restitution
  • Subject to a curfew
  • Write a letter of apology to the victim(s)
  • Attend driving courses
  • Read drug and alcohol education materials
  • Perform specific education/employment requirements
  • Submit to random drug tests
  • Referral to outside agencies as appropriate
  • Other miscellaneous items

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