Drug Accountability

Program Overview

The Seward County Attorney has instituted a voluntary felony adult Drug Accountability Program based on proven national research and drug accountability program models. This provides the participant an opportunity to pursue treatment for their addiction(s), while productively addressing associated legal problems.

Once accepted, Drug Accountability Program participants can expect frequent contact with the Program Coordinator, Case Managers and Treatment Providers. The participant will be required to complete a Three Phase Program culminating with graduation. The Three Phase Program is a minimum of 18 months to a maximum 3 years. Depending on the charges referred to the Drug Accountability Program, the State will either amend the charges to a Class I Misdemeanour or the State will dismiss the charges against the Defendant.

Participants who maintain positive participation in the Seward County Diversion Drug Accountability Program may also receive appropriate incentives. These incentives will be determined by the Seward County Diversion Drug Accountability Program Coordinator and will be dependent on available resources.

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