Drug Accountability Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Program participants will be expected to complete and participate in numerous pro-social, treatment-oriented activities. These will typically include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings
  • Group and/or individual therapy
  • Weekly meetings with your SCPD Case Manager
  • Drug testing

Other activities should be expected as each individual may require different levels of intervention based on their progress in the Seward County Diversion Drug Accountability Program.

Program Violations

The Seward County Diversion Drug Accountability Program participants can also expect to receive sanctions if they violate the program rules or fail to achieve Program Phase requirements. Possible violations include:

  • Missed appointments
  • Failed or adulterated drug tests
  • New arrest/charges
  • Lack of participance in treatment program

Program Sanctions

Sanctions will be imposed relative to the violation and can be graduated or progressive in nature. Sanctions may include:

  • Demotion in program phase
  • Additional fines/fees
  • Curfew restrictions
  • Termination from the Drug Intervention Program

**Note that the Seward County Diversion Drug Accountability Program Coordinator reserves the right to impose any sanctions deemed appropriate for the individual participant and the specific violation.

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