In order to successfully assist our local merchants, the County Attorney’s office requires necessary information about the check writer. This information increases the chances of getting full restitution and proving the case in court. Although we will take initial steps toward obtaining restitution for you, without certain information the County Attorney may not be able to prosecute the check writer. Additional information is included with the Insufficient Funds Form.

Insufficient Funds Program for Businesses

To Participate in the Insufficient Funds Program please submit:

  • the Insufficient Funds Form
  • a statutory fee of $10.00 per check
  • the original check marked “Insufficient Funds”

to the Pretrial Diversion Office in Seward. Our complete contact information including our address and directions is located on the About Us page.

Closed Account

If you are bringing in a check marked closed account, you will not be required to pay the $10.00 statutory fee. Please fill out the Insufficient Funds Form and submit the original check marked closed account to the Pretrial Diversion Office in Seward. Checks submitted as closed account will be automatically forwarded to the Seward County Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.

More Information

  • Download or View Insufficient Funds Program Forms