Attendance Support Program

Program Overview

The foundation of the Seward County Attendance Support Program is based upon the premise that every child is entitled to, capable of, and responsible for the completion of his or her education. The ultimate responsibility for their child’s attendance at school belongs to the parents/guardian. The program addresses intervention strategies for those who are demonstrating significant difficulty attending school on a regular basis and targets high-risk children.

The Seward County Attendance Support Program includes both prevention and intervention components. The program is designed to be of a collaborative and friendly problem solving nature that is supported by positive incentives and appropriate sanctions if necessary. The Attendance Support Program currently serves schools in Seward County.

Program Goals

  1. Focus on early identification of students at risk of being suspended/expelled due to truancy.
  2. Provide initial assessment or strengths and weaknesses of the child and family.
  3. Provide early referral to appropriate support services.
  4. Implement timely prevention and intervention strategies that focus on collaboration with existing skill building programs.
  5. Encourage consistent parent/guardian/mentor involvement.
  6. Work with school systems to reduce truancy among students in Seward County.

Program Requirements

The Seward County Attendance Support Program focuses on early identification of children in Kindergarten – 12th grade that are at risk of being suspended, or for involvement in the Juvenile Justice System due to truancy.

If you have received a letter from the Seward County Attendance Support Program, a referral has been made regarding your son/daughter. The Seward County Attendance Support Program will monitor your student’s attendance.

If attendance improves, no further action may be necessary.

If attendance continues to be a concern, your son/daughter may be requested to enroll in the Seward County Attendance Support Program. The Seward County Attendance Support Program is a voluntary program.

If you would choose not to enroll, a referral may be made to the Seward County Attorney, at which point you may be at risk of a petition being filed against you or your child.

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